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Holy Week Bible Readings: The Gospel of Matthew

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I’ve prepared a devotional guide of Holy Week Bible readings. If you read the passages according to the days of the week, you will gain a richer sense of the atmosphere in Jerusalem starting with Jesus’ triumphal entry and leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. All of these readings come from Matthew’s gospel.

Sunday (Palm Sunday)
Jesus enters Jerusalem: Matthew 21.1-11

Jesus teaches in the Temple: Matthew 21.12-16
Jesus returns to Bethany: Matthew 21.17
Jesus curses the fig tree: Matthew 21.18-19

Jesus teaches about the cursed fig tree: Matthew 21.20-22
Teaching in the Temple: Matthew 21.23-23.39
Jesus teaches outside of the Temple: Matthew 24.1-2
On way to Bethany (Olivet Discourse): Matthew 24.3-26.2

The religious leaders plot: Matthew 26.3-5
Jesus anointed at Bethany: Matthew 26.6-13
Judas joins in the plot: Matthew 26.14-15

Preparations for Passover meal: Matthew 26.17-19
Passover meal: Matthew 26.20-30a
On way out of the city: Matthew 26.30b-35
In Gethsemane: Matthew 26.36-45
The arrest of Jesus: Matthew 26.46-56
Trial before Caiphas and Sanhedrin: Matthew 26.57-68
Peter’s denial: Matthew 26.69-75

Friday (Good, or Holy, Friday)
Jesus’ trial before the Sanhedrin: Matthew 27.1-2
The demise of Judas: Matthew 27.3-10
Jesus before Pilate privately: Matthew 27.11-14
Jesus before Pilate: Matthew 27.15-26
The crucifixion of Jesus: Matthew 27.27-56
The burial of Jesus: Matthew 27.57-61

Sunday to the Ascension
The empty tomb: Matthew 28.1-8
The plot of the religious leaders: Matthew 28.11-15
Resurrection appearances of Jesus: Matthew 28.9-10; 16-20

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